Mutable Instruments Anushri – eurorack version

Mutable Instruments Anushri – eurorack version


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  •  professionally assembled
  • aluminum front panel
  • thickness 2 mm
  • quality electronic components
  • flat 5 pin cable included
  • screws included
  • free assistance

Anushri is a monophonic synthesizer with a completely analogue signal path, combined with a digital lo-fi battery synthesizer. These two sections are controlled by a built-in sequencer / arpeggiator, with generative sequencing of the drum pattern. Anushri is open to the modular world thanks to its analog patching area.

“Anushri is a monosynth like no other: in addition to its analogue VCO / VCF / VCA and digital modulation sources, it includes a fun and immediate sequencer with step-by-step recording and a gritty 8-bit drum machine with a control interface truly original. ”

“Anushri’s audio generation and processing chain is analog: the main audio source is a VCO with sawtooth waveforms and pulse width, combined with a sub-oscillator, a simple formula that made success of Roland SH-101 and MC-202. Following the VCO comes a multimodal VCF, whose 12dB / octave slope provides a refreshing change from the more rounded and clean 24dB / octave style Moog filters. – high provide additional filtering flavors Anushri’s secret weapon of sound destruction is a switchable fuzz circuit inserted between VCF and VCA – which carry a strong dose of unpleasant distortion. “