Monome Arc 4 clone

Monome Arc 4 clone


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ARC osc controller CLONE

Rotational controls encircled by dense segmented lighting, completely open for definition.

like the grid, tactile and visual feedback. but instead of a multitude of binary points, the arc has four incredibly precise continuous controls with visual indication to match. connects to computers (norns, ansible, laptops) to become a sequencer, physics simulation, granular instrument, or anything you can create yourself.

  • four high resolution optical encoders
  • bright warm white light
  • two-tone aluminum assembly
  • usb powered
  • Fully assembled
  • Total compatibility with the original monome device.
  • Wallnut case
  • 2mm thick aluminum panel
  • Large aluminum knobs


Wikipedia info below:

Monome devices do not produce any sound on their own; they must be connected to a computer via USB, in which an app affords use to the device.[5] The creators of Monome said: “The wonderful thing about this device is that is doesn’t do anything really… It wasn’t intended for any specific application. We’ll make several applications, and others will make more. We hope to share as many of these as possible.”[6] A core design principle of the Monome is that it is not intended for any one specific application — the function of each button and the decision as to which lights are lit are completely up to the software communicating with the device over the Open Sound Control protocol.[7] The Monome is not strictly a musical device. Depending on the software used, the Monome can function as anything from a sample cutter to a math machine.[8]


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