Extra 9 expansion for NAVA E-licktronic – fully assembled

Extra 9 expansion for NAVA E-licktronic – fully assembled


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This is the official pre-order list for Extra 9 – NAVA Expansion by Wellental Schall Apparaturen.

Extra9 is a dedicated expansion for e-licktronic’s NAVA – TR-909 clone and is sold as fully assembled and tested.

  • The electronic board is supplied with all the connection cables necessary for installation on the Nava – see photo
  • It also comes with all the electronic components to replace on the Nava PCB.
  • The insulation panel is supplied to be used between Nava and Extra 9 as insulation.
  • The calibration is your responsibility, it would be impossible for us to provide you with an already calibrated Extra 9. It adapts from time to time to the units on which it is installed.
  • It is possible to purchase the complete set of Chia Shin like TR909 clone 64 knobs separately at a separate cost – 65,00 eu. See photo and please contact us for add to your order. We will send payment link separately.
  • An installation manual is provided with all the detailed information on how to install Extra 9 on your Nava.

We are not responsible for incorrect assembly or malfunctions/damage to your Nava.
Extra 9 is supplied in perfect working order and excludes all possibilities of errors.

For help with questions we can try to help you but we assume that customers are capable of such operations.

Extra 9 adds a total of 37 extra pots and 4 extra switches to your NAVA TR-909 clone, greatly increasing the sonic potential of the popular TR-909 drum instruments. The addition of Extra9 tweaks means you’ll have more ability to manipulate each instrument’s synthesis parameters while always being able to return to the original settings.

All mods have been carefully selected and tested for the best sound manipulations, and of course, all mods are completely analog!

The expansion is intended to be installed on top of the existing NAVA motherboard and fits perfectly into its layout.