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New waiting list for Nava Extra 9

Fill out the form at the link below for more details and info

Waiting List for nava Extra 9 Elicktronic

Contact info
  • This form is valid as an informal commitment to purchase the Nava9 extra
  • When we finish the production of the new Nava stock you will be contacted for check your purchase intentions and book your model
  • You will be contacted via email/whatapp to request more info
  • You will be directed to a purchase link on our official website
  • You will enjoy a one year warranty from the time of purchase
  • All technical assistance is guaranteed free of charge
IMPORTANT NOTE: The cost of Nava Extra 9 will be around 2000.00 eu and the cost of shipping will be calculated separately. The rare electronic components and the high complexity of the project require work and large investments, so we will not be able to make large discounts and this will also depend on the number of requests received.