Hi and thank you for joining the “Waiting list” to book yours Elicktronic Nava Extra 9, fully assembled and ready to use.

This is a definitive booking confirmation form
Read carefully the summary/information and the rules of this reservation:

  • Elicktronic Nava Extra 9 costs € 2.000. After a careful evaluation of the necessary work and the
    raw materials involved, we have arrived at this cost estimate. We have tried to keep the costs of rare
    components and necessary parts as low as possible.
    This cost does not include the optional Chia Shin knobs.
    This cost does not include Shipping costs (we will let you know the costs according to the
    shipping method and destination country).
  • The set of Chia Shin knobs costs € 35.00.
    The Chia Shin knobs are the same as those used on the legendary Roland 909
    and will be installed on your unit once your reservation is confirmed.
  • The booking confirmation is made with the payment of a deposit of € 400.00.
    This first payment allows you to definitively confirm your booking and win one of the few
    Nava Extra 9s that we are making in the laboratory.

Important notes: Only a few kits are available and therefore we make sure that the reservations are
from users who are really interested in purchasing. We proceed in chronological order, giving priority
to those who signed up for the waiting list first by filling in the form.

The payment of a deposit also protects us and allows us to work only on the orders actually
received. We are a small electronics company and do not have sufficient resources to invest in tools
that have not already been reserved/sold. Many requests have arrived and we have to make sure
that only really interested users can receive their reservation for the Elicktronic Nava Extra 9.

  • The payment of the balance will only be required when the order is ready for shipment.
  • Your reservation includes the optional “secondary noise source
    (card to solve the problem of using clap and snare at the same time).
  • Your booking includes an external 15 Volt AC power supply.
  • The time needed to complete the works is approximately 2 months. Any change in delivery times
    will be promptly communicated.
  • Your purchase is guaranteed for 1 year, any costs related to maintenance/repairs will be at our
    expense, excluding shipping costs to/from your location.

Thank you for your precious attention and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible to speed up the processing of all orders received.

For any other information please contact us, we will be happy to add details and clarifications to this form.